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Our Privacy Principles:

In the world of internet, digital privacy is often a concern. Dimension Market Research is committed to provide best level of privacy while using our website and services by providing 24 bit SSL encryption.

Data Collection

When you interact with Dimension Market Research through our website different types of identifiable information such as name, email id, contact information etc. Dimension Market Research makes sure that the collected information is protected by the organization.

Auto Data Collection

When you use our website, information/data such as IP details, ISP details etc. are automatically collected. It should be noted that the data collection is part of its logging process, which may be used for analytics purposes as well, in the long run.


Cookies are specific type of files that gets stored in your computer hard drive by web browser to let you experience the website in the best form. We do not use cookies for tracking users. However this privacy policy is limited to Dimension Market Research only.

Up-dation /Changes to privacy policy

We respect our users’ privacy, privacy is a changing concept and we may need to make necessary changes from time to time. Dimension Market Research reserves full rights to update its privacy policy with immediate effect. Users are expected to keep a tab on the website for the latest privacy policy.